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NUS Kendo Kai (NUSKK)

Established on 15th September, 2001, under the guidance of Singapore Kendo Club (SKC), NUS Kendo Kai has since grown from its humble roots. Many of our senpais (seniors) have gone on to helm executive positions in SKC, and even participated in the inaugural World Kendo Championships.

Peter Sensei and Renata Sensei are NUSKK’s resident senseis.

Our members start off training by practicing basic footwork drills, followed by cuts, exercises and attack and defense techniques. Training sessions are usually ended off with a free sparring session amongst members. Joint trainings with affiliated clubs, such as NYP, SMU and Singapore Kendo Club, are also held from time to time.

NUS Kendo Club is not merely a club; it is also one big family – on top of training together, we often go out for supper sessions and outings as a group.

Our Vision & Mission


To spread the teachings Kendo has to offer across the entire NUS community


Provision of resources to all interested in practicing Kendo

Trainings are held on: Please contact our Instagram @nuskendoclub for information 🙇

Keep yourself updated with our recent events on:

NUSKK Facebook and Instagram @nuskendoclub

Feel free to explore the page for more information about NUS Kendo Kai. For recent posts, click Home.

Should you have queries on trainings and upcoming events, email us at or through our social media platforms above.

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